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Mission Statement

“As a subject matter expert in Software Development and Architecture, I am creating useful and valuable articles that I want to use to inspire myself and others who are reading.  I’ve been developing and architecting solutions professionally for over 16 years.  In conjunction with my consulting practice, I am writing articles to demonstrate how software architects and software professionals can truly add an extraordinary amount of value with the work we do.”

Dan Douglas is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is the Principal for Douglas Information Systems Corporation which does software consulting work for both small organizations and large global organizations.  He is a professional Software Consultant and an experienced and proven subject matter expert, decision maker, and leader in the area of Software Development and Architecture.

With over sixteen years of experience, Dan has been the Architect Lead on over 15 development projects and has successfully delivered large scale “best in class” end to end solutions.  Dan has developed and architected solutions across a wide vertical, including, government, medical, automative, hr, manufacturing, technology, consulting, and software firms.

Dan’s other passion is travel and adventure.  Dan loves exploring and traveling to new places and getting out and doing exciting things such as paragliding in Rio De Janeiro or traveling around Europe on trains and meeting and talking to many different people.

For inquiries about Dan’s software consulting practice, please see the contact page.  Dan has built up a network of highly successful and professional software professionals and consultants who are highly respected and can be called upon and used in conjunction with his own consulting practice to handle the largest of software consulting projects.


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