TechDays 2009 Toronto Tomorrow …. (and a blurb about Lean)

I’m sitting in my hotel, and I just finished a very salty Prime Rib sandwich – although it was pretty delicious until the last couple of bites, I just couldn’t bring myself to eat the last few bites due to the ridiculous amount of salt.  I spent a fair amount of time walking around downtown Toronto trying to find a restaurant to eat at before just deciding on the one back at the hotel…  this should be a lessons learned – just eat at the hotel :( … There really aren’t many restaurants within a few blocks around here anyway. 

Tech Days 2009 (Toronto) starts tomorrow, and I’ll be up early to catch breakfast there.  I’m looking forward to the sessions and I’ll blog about the highlights in the next few days.

On another note, although I’ve seen it many times, I love the Toronto skyline – especially driving down the Gardiner into Toronto.  Although, not everyone shares this opinion (M), you couldn’t have asked for a better addition to the CN Tower than the lights they added to it a few years back. 

While driving down I listened to the first CD and part of the second CD of the audiobook titled “Lean Thinking”.  I started thinking about lean and waste as it pertains to 1) The Manufacturing Environment where I am working 2) Waste and process improvement within our IT department, but specifically speaking of waste within software development. 

It’s amazing, when I think about the effort that we’ve put in over the last several years focusing on decoupling, architecture, design patterns, reusability, etc and how it has contributed to much less waste, less defects, and allowing us to focus on increasing customer value.  However, there is so much more we can do, and as I’ve been listening to this audiobook ideas are popping in my head like crazy.  Lean is much more than “Lean Manufacturing” – Lean Software should definitely be something we strive for.  Over the next few months look for a few more postings on my ideas about Lean Software.