CIPS London Annual General Meeting 2009 Summary

I just want to write about tonight’s London CIPS event and Annual General Meeting.  The event took place at the InfoTech head office here in London, Ontario and began with Pizza and Pop followed by a presentation by David Canton on Website Legal Issues.  The CIPS Annual General Meeting followed, and among other things we nominated new board members followed by voting and announcing of the officers.  I’m pleased to announce my new position on the executive as Treasurer.  I’ll be taking over the role from Jonathan Korchuk who has been serving in that role for the last several years. 

I’m looking forward to my new responsibilities as Treasurer, and it fits nicely within the scope of my long term objectives.  Along with being a contributor and providing input at the executive meetings, as Treasurer, I will be responsible for the following:

“The Treasurer is the custodian of all the official property and records of the Section, and will deposit all the funds of the Section in a financial institution as approved by the Board. He will collect all monies, keep complete accounts, and arrange for payment of all approved indebtedness of the Section and keep proper vouchers for such payments. The Treasurer will issue, as required, notices to members whose annual dues are in arrears, and will submit an annual financial report, and any other financial reports as required by the Board. In addition, the Treasurer will submit an annual audited financial statement to the Board and to the National Office within six months following the Section’s Annual General Meeting.”

We have a total of four new CIPS Executive members tonight!  I believe we have a very strong executive team and I’m looking forward to a great year on the Executive.

Tim Hodges received a great appreciation at the event tonight for his work as CIPS London President for the last several years.  He’ll continue in this role again for this Executive year.  A job well done!

We’ll soon be updating the CIPS London website to reflect this new team which reminds me that I have to send in a short description/bio along with a picture to our webmasters so they can update the site.


CIPS London 2009/2010 Executive Team

Tim Hodges – President

Tony Curcio – Vice President

Jonathan Korchuk – CIPS Ontario Representitive

Margaret Kubasek-Vizniowski – Program Chair

Yotam Sichilima – Web Master

Abdalla EL Najjar – Student Services

Mathew Whitehead – At large, role to be determined (former role: Social Networking)

Dan Douglas – Treasurer

Carolyn Marshall– Communications Director

Mike Bondi – Social Networking

We’ve decided to also create a Communications Team which will consist of the Web Masters, Social Networking officer, and Communications Director.


About dandouglas
Dan Douglas is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is a professional independent Software Consultant and an experienced and proven subject matter expert, decision maker, and leader in the area of Software Development and Architecture. His professional experience represents over 15 years of architecting and developing highly successful large scale solutions. Dan also believes that properly empowering teams with trust and responsibility yields the greatest results. | For inquiries about Dan's software consulting practice, please see the contact page.  Dan has also built up a network of highly successful and professional Software Developers and Architects who are highly respected and can be called upon and used in conjunction with his own consulting practice to handle the largest of consulting projects.

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