Notes From DevTeach Toronto 2010

I attended DevTeach Toronto 2010 in early March and have found some time to finally summarize my notes. There is certainly value in being able to network with other developers in the community and learn from some of the top people in the industry who are speaking on many different developer related subjects. I tend to write a lot down while attending these kinds of events. I have about 34 pages of notes and chicken scratch written down, and after reviewing them I decided to summarize them and take the most memorable and useful points I jotted down and put them together in a blog post. Along with the 3 days of sessions in which I mostly attended the sessions in the Software Architecture track, I also attended a pre-conference workshop on Agile Application Architecture. Many of the concepts and ideas in the training I was already familiar with but I will still include them here to further emphasize their importance.

You can download my summarized notes by clicking the following link:


About dandouglas
Dan Douglas is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is a professional independent Software Consultant and an experienced and proven subject matter expert, decision maker, and leader in the area of Software Development and Architecture. His professional experience represents over 15 years of architecting and developing highly successful large scale solutions. Dan also believes that properly empowering teams with trust and responsibility yields the greatest results. | For inquiries about Dan's software consulting practice, please see the contact page.  Dan has also built up a network of highly successful and professional Software Developers and Architects who are highly respected and can be called upon and used in conjunction with his own consulting practice to handle the largest of consulting projects.

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