Talks & Webcasts

This section contains links to the media files from my public talks and webcasts I have done. Each item listed below contains a link to the original blog post regarding that item, a quick summary, and a link to the media (video, presentation, etc). The media links are also available from their respective blog posts as well. More information regarding each link can be found by looking at the original blog post for that item.

OneNote 2007 Introduction, The Webcast….

Webcast I did explaining how to use Microsoft OneNote 2007 and demonstrating it’s key features. Watch the video here:

How to use the PropertyGrid control in Visual Studio.NET: Webcast

This webcast is an overview of how to use the PropertyGrid control and implement it in an application. Watch the video here:

My Video Interview From TechDays Toronto 2009 (SharePoint and BI)

On the final day of TechDays 2009 in Toronto, I was interviewed by It in Canada ( about my experience at TechDays and specifically about one of the sessions involving BI and SharePoint. I’d like to share the link to the interview. Here is the video:

Screencast: Redgate .NET Reflector Demo From My Last Presentation

In a follow up to my last post, I talked about Redgate’s .NET Reflector during my presentation at the London .NET User Group. See the video here

Screencast: A ‘Hello World’ Example of .NET Reflection in Action

As part of my presentation at the October 2009 London .NET User Group event on .NET Attributes and Reflection i did a walkthrough on how to use .NET reflection. See the video here

My Talk Titled, “.NET Attributes and Reflection – what a developer needs to know……”

On October 19, 2009, the first official meeting of the London .NET User Group met at Fanshawe College. There were at least 45 people attending! My presentation ran about 22 minutes including a couple of Q and A’s. Here’s the link to the PowerPoint presentation:

The Basics of Software Architecture for .NET Developers – Presentation

At the first Coffee and Code event held jointly by the CIPS chapter of London (Ontario) and the new London .NET User Group, I developed and presented a PowerPoint presentation titled The Basics of Software Architecture for .NET Developers. Here is the link to the presentation.


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